Cities are constantly changing. So are the ways people live and work in them.

Worldwide, there’s an urgent need to create spaces where people can thrive.

That puts pioneers like you under pressure to define, deliver and demonstrate sustained value – not just for your tenants, but for society itself.

But, value isn’t a neat, fixed metric. It’s tough to pin down, and hard to quantify.

That’s where we come in

Drawing on a wealth of expertise across the fields of social science, business intelligence and design thinking, our talented team is here to help you connect the dots.



We'll carry out leading-edge research on user experience in a changing industry context, and help to define and improve your future impact



We'll help you develop your asset management and development strategy, take an innovative approach to business and make evidence-based decisions



We'll equip you to measure your positive impact on society and the environment, and create a reporting framework to capture it for different audiences

Not only does this lead to attractive long term returns to investors, but it also means you benefit from growing local trust and confidence in your approach.

Our work spans four areas of expertise:


Design futures and strategy


Innovation and growth


Social value and impact


Tools and techniques

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