Human City offers a range of services, covering six broad capabilities: futures thinking, user research, experience design, design activation, impact evaluation and property strategy.

Specialising in the financial and social aspects of real estate, we focus on four main areas:


Design futures and strategy

Recent disruption means there’s an urgent need for you to create spaces and experiences that meet changing customer demands and consumer preferences.


Innovation and growth

Partner with us to increase your value proposition, capture new market opportunities and maximise the positive effects of your asset on people and the planet.


Social value and impact

By providing innately designed solutions in areas where social disadvantage and economic inequality are on the rise, you can create places where people don't just survive, they thrive.


Tools and techniques

If you have in-house design and innovation capabilities and want a steer on how to take a more sustainable and socially responsible approach, our tools and training are for you.

We advise organisations seeking to deliver social value through their property asset management and development strategy.


Investors and asset managers

We know the time has come for environmental, social and corporate governance to be an intrinsic consideration in real estate investment. So we help you achieve this by building trust and working closely with all your local stakeholders, from occupiers and tenants to businesses and communities.


Property developers

We know that local councils now expect you to add significant, measurable social value through each project you deliver. By helping you strengthen your relationships with anchor institutions, we pave the way to success for developers seeking to secure planning permission, reach new customers and build trust and reputation.


Architects and interior designers

As experts with a proven track record in community engagement, we’re here to help you embed social value into your designs and engagement strategies. We can help you create places that prioritise public benefit, and deliver adaptable, sustainable new spaces and experiences.


Local authorities

Bridging the gap between social and environmental responsibility and economic growth isn’t an easy task. But, we’re here to help you partner with businesses, stakeholders and communities to create a future-proof strategy for delivering and governing inclusive cities.

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