The real estate response to coronavirus has been immense. It's shown just how integral the property industry is to so many aspects of our lives. What will be the lasting legacy? How will improved connections between companies and customers and new socially responsive initiatives develop? What's needed to continue the cultural change?

Managing Director, Gemma John, took part in the Experience Makers Lunchtime Listen-in 'New Values - Redefining Real Estate' that took place at 1pm Tuesday 19th May. This was a panel session with the following contributors:

  • Gemma John, Founder, Human City
  • Oliver Hudson, Associate Director, Build-ID
  • Sabri Marsaoui, Retail Asset Director, Edmonton Shopping Centre

Together, we explored the following:

  • Have connections with customers changed/improved as a result of C-19?
  • Who is the 'customer'?
  • Will customer focus and socially responsible initiatives develop further; how will ESG strategies be affected?
  • Are new value metrics required, if so, what should we be looking at?

Here is the audio from the discussion:

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