In this 45 minute webinar, we covered the findings from our trends report and explored how trust will be a key brand differentiator in a post pandemic world.

Is sustainability still a priority for consumers? Will people ever use shared spaces again? Does quality of life depend on better technology solutions? Last year, we surveyed people living and working in the UK to find out whether recent trends would continue or take a new course due to new circumstances brought about by the pandemic. We discovered it is important for companies to show they have the right core values. Today, people will align themselves with businesses and brands they can trust. This will be a key differentiator as we emerge from the pandemic. As businesses adapt their offering - from the products and services to the spaces and experiences they design - they must consider how they can attract and retain weary, cash-strapped consumers who increasingly seek to prioritise quality of life.

In this short webinar we introduced the main findings from our trends report, and two guest speakers who spoke to it in relation to their interests in business innovation and workplace futures.

Rich Radka

With 20+ years of experience in providing deep human insights to corporate, scale-up and public sector clients, Rich works with companies to feed inputs for innovation, customer experience development and critical business decisions. He's recently launched 'Where to from here?', a company designed for the emerging new economy, which helps businesses to design new futures, introduce new thinking, create new propositions, build new leadership capability, and develop new collaborative ways of working to deliver innovation, transformation and enhanced results.

Nikki Osborn

A highly experienced creative designer working within the built environment industry, Nikki has worked with a broad range of leading global clients to deliver innovative design-led solutions across all media and industry sectors. She is a strong strategist with a natural flair for understanding clients’ business needs, and pushes boundaries to ensure the creation of workplace environments that support future organisational aspirations and enhance the experience of those in the workplace.

After their discussion, we encouraged participants to ask questions and engaged in an interactive session on these important themes.

If you'd like a copy of the full report or have any questions or comments about the short report, we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch with us We would enjoy exploring new business opportunities.